Promotion of Polish medical tourism
international markets in 2012-2015
10 reasons to choose Poland
  • 1 Professional medical personnel
  • 2 Innovative treatments
  • 3 High quality – low costs
  • 4 Comprehensive care
  • 5 Modern medical equipment
  • 6 Attractive tourist offer
  • 7 Thousands of patients up to date
  • 8 Experience in coordination
  • 9 Short waiting time
  • 10 Rich natural resources
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Exceptional medical offer
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Kalkulator Polish medical facilities offer medical services at prices lower by up to 80% to the patients all around the world!
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Patient guide – step by step
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Medical packages


Medical Package Services included Price Savings
The Spinal Column and Back Pain Diagnostic & Treatment Package
  • The Spinal Column and Back Pain Diagnostic Package - 490 EUR
  • 2-weeks rehabilitation  - 2990 EUR
  • 2-days Warsaw Sighteening
    - od 390 EUR

3870 EUR/

With a special offer Poland - Your Health Destination – only 3480 EUR!!!

390 EUR!
Staying Beautiful After 40
  • Dental Diagnostic Package with Teeth Whitening
    - 290 EUR
  • Face lift - 590 EUR
  • 1- week stay in SPA Center - od 950 EUR

1839 EUR/

With a special offer Poland - Your Health Destination - only 1530 EUR!!!

300 EUR!
Hip replacement with 2-weeks rehabilitation
  • Medical procedure with hospitalisation- 7400  EUR
  • 2-weeks rehabilitation with accommodation- 2700 EUR

10100 EUR/

With a special offer Poland - Your Health Destination - only 9690 EUR!!!

 410 EUR! 
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entrepreneur /Polish version/
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"I will be leaving Warsaw in a couple of days - it was an unbelievable experience for my husband and I. The staff are second to none - I was happy that my surgeon spoke English and made me feel at ease when I was so nervous in the operating room. I am still having water fall down my cheeks, but they are tears of happiness - I'm so glad I came and had the procedure!"

Lila Cugini, Canada


"I went on a journey to Poland for health and received a treatment like nothing I've experienced in the past. Now I'm on a new journey of health and healing, I really feel like I've gone back in time and regained my health. I just feel so lucky on so many levels."

Darrell Foster, Canada

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